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Polyethylene Mesh

In the manufacturing of the Polyethylene Gutter Guard the life of the mesh is primarily based on the quality of the HDPE material used in combination with UV stabilisers and Colour pigments. Any failure of these ingredients will result in the failure of the product to last the guaranteed specified time.

For this reason only the highest grade of HDPE, UV stabilisers and Colour Pigments are sourced. Polyethylene mesh is extruded at extremely high temperatures, as the molten process is occurring specific levels of Ultra Violet chemical is introduced combing with the colour pigments. Once blended the material is extruded through a uniquely designed mould from which the design of the mesh is achieved.

Global Mesh has designed chemical controlled colours with the specific purpose of being used in a high UV environment on various roof types. This ensures that every roll of mesh irrespective of when it was produces is identical in colour.

Having access to one of the world’s leading laboratories specialising in colouring, ensures Global Mesh is able to produce our clients needs in matching various roof colours within very short time frames.

Current Standard Colours Available

  • Manor Red
  • Classic Cream
  • Woodland Grey
  • Shale Grey
  • Monument
  • Jasper
  • Terracotta
  • Deep Ocean
  • Caulfield Green
  • Wilderness

Mesh Design

Polyethylene mesh can be manufactured to a clients specific design. As Global mesh seeks to establish long term relationships with key suppliers the establishing of a specific mesh for a client can be discussed at the time of negotiations.

Gutter Guard mesh is general ordered by the weight and length of a roll, a roll can measure 1meter wide up to 50 plus meters, keeping in mind safety regulations on lifting. The weight of the roll is defined by the weight per meter of the mesh.

Current Gutter Guard mesh manufactured:

    Light Weight Diamond Mesh
  • 750gsm
  • 50 meters per roll
  • 1010mm wide
  • 30kg per roll
  • Leaf screener mesh
  • Strand thickness
    • upper 1mm
    • lower 1mm
  • Total mesh thickness 2mm
  • Available all colours
    Heavy weight Diamond Mesh
  • 950 gsm
  • 30 meters per roll
  • 1010mm wide
  • 28.5kg per roll
  • Strand thickness
    • upper 1.3mm
    • lower 1.3mm
  • Total mesh thickness 2.6mm
  • Available all colours
  • 15 year Guarantee

The diamond mesh design dates back to 1980 and has proven a popular mesh as a screening system.